Most important question which people usually ask is whether to go for the development of Android app or iOS. If you don’t have the necessary resources then you may need to make a choice between the two. One particular platform can be a perfect fit for you depending on the needs and strategy for your app.  Few aspects which help you in making the right selection are:

Mobile Traffic

You need to look for the traffic before making choice for app platform. If you see more traffic coming from iPhone you need to go for the mobile app development which is geared towards the apple app store while on the other hand if more traffic is coming from android platform then you need to go for android development.

Tablet Friendliness

You also need to draw a line and select the app development by giving consideration to the tablet friendliness. IPad is more effective as compared to the android tablets if you want to share the maximum advantage and iOS for iPad needs to be developed first if your strategy focuses mainly on tablet use.


You need to consider few things if your app creates revenue by charging users to download the app. iOS users are usually willing to pay for apps as compared to the android users and that is the reason you need to focus on iOS first if you want users to purchase your app or its items.


Testing is necessary feature to ensure that your app is working fine. Different software comes with different usability based on the device. Android devices are diverse as they have different screen resolutions depending on the version and kind of app which is developed. People in Europe tend to have more updated versions as compared to Asia. If your target is US or Europe market then you need to develop most up to date operating system.

On the other hand, iOS has few devices and apple tackles many differences in house which let users have less cause of concerns in terms of fixes. Apple devices let you download user updates instantly as compared to android users. Both platforms have their own pros and cons so you must decide the best strategy and platform depending on your needs.