Apps are increasing in the market with each passing day and app industry is experiencing innovations during its infancy stage. You must plan efficiently to bring in customers just like marketing campaign in the crowded industry. You need to start the app marketing campaign before launching of the app. Mobile is of extreme importance in inbound marketing for app and you must consider the following points while going for app inbound marketing:

Make your Presence Felt Immediately

You must start promoting your app on multiple channels even if your app is in development stage. You can create a website to show why your app is a must download. You need to engage the user right when he/she comes on your page. You can also utilize call to actions and promote your newsletter to keep users aware about your app progress. Main purpose of this activity is to let people know about your app and they must have the idea why they should get connected with your app. You can include the name or logo and you need to take full advantage of app stores offerings when you launch your app. You can also use descriptions and screenshots to capture the interest of hesitant potential customer.

Be Social

Make your presence effective by utilizing the efficient social media platforms to convey all the information. Mobile apps utilization has certainly increased in recent few years and social engagements can benefit your app directly through integration with social media channels. You can increase your user base by having strong interaction on famous social media platforms.

Become a Resource

You need to tell your story in order to become a resource for your industry. You need to answer questions on Q and A sites, create white papers and webinars to establish your credibility. After having the ability to say or share what others want to listen you can easily convert them in to users. You need to have testimonials and reviews praising your app in the app stores after its launch as word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising without any doubt.