Most important step in app development process is wireframe. It is a perfect way to get a feeling of what the app functionalities are and which parts needs more clarification. There are plenty of wireframe tools which let you create great and exceptional wireframes.

Purpose of Wireframe

Wireframe is basically a three dimensional model in which vertices and lines are represented. Wireframe does not include any color, graphics or styling. Purpose of wireframe is to clarify space allocation, content prioritization and available functionalities. Mobile app contains many gestures and that is the reason right tools are necessary to build wireframe of app.

Best wireframe tools are:

  1. Infragistics

Infragistics is simple and clean tool and it has awesome functionalities. It requires bit of learning when you are new to the prototyping/wireframe world but when you understand it completely then it becomes fun to use this tool.

  1. io is a perfect tool for big apps which have more functionalities. It is a bit less intuitive than Infragistics but it provides a true value for the money you spend on it. It is web based which makes it hassle free to use.

  1. Just in Mind

Prototyper pro which is a product of Just in Mind is an exceptionally good tool for dealing with the advanced prototypes. It’s free version is a good one and pro version price is also less as compared to Infragistics and others. You may find it a bit more difficult to use than Infragistics which makes a bit low in priority in the tools of mobile app wireframes.

  1. Fluid

Fluid is one of those tools which let the users build simple wireframes in no time. It is especially suitable for small apps as it gets more complicated to manage everything when you work with large apps.

All these tools are great for creating wireframes and mockups quickly. or Justin Mind are perfect for big startup projects as they offer lots of variety and advanced functionality.