Different apps surely make our lives easier by offering an entertainment and by making it easy for us to collaborate and interact with other people. Although many apps offer conveniency and efficiency but users also find some shortcomings in different apps. Let us take a look at the shortcomings which frustate certain users and by removing these shortcomings an app can realy make good impact. You need to make sure that you remove these shortcomings before making your app go live.

  1. Lot of Emails

Many people spend their time in reading and sending emails already throughout the day. People don’t really want to receive notification for each and every event. You don’t need to keep the emails spammy notification by default in your app.

  1. Annoying Push Notifications

Most of us like to keep ourselves up to date about the latest happenings in the lives of our friends and relatives but we usually don’t like to receive the push notifications every time someone upload a photo. People just like to get notifications for important events and that is what you must provide in the mobile app.

  1. When Apps Get Abandoned

When developers abandon the app after building it then user also abandon it. If few bugs continues to persist then users start getting frustrated regarding the app and you lose a loyal following.

  1. Unnecessary App Rating Requests

Positive ratings can have good impact on downloads but no one likes to get stopped and redirected for the rating when he/she is heading towards some other task. You don’t want user review on the app when he/she deleted it as he/she is not going to write a good review.

  1. Unnecessary Facebook connectivity

People don’t really like to give their data to the apps which they don’t use frequently. You don’t need to ask for facebook connectivity plenty of times if the user don’t wish to do so.

  1. Full Screen Ads

When a person open up an app and a full screen ad pops up then it is annoying for a user. You don’t need to show full screen ads to your users on the app as these ads irritate and frustrate the users rather than make them interested in the app.

  1. Video Ads

Video Ads can be interruptive when user sound preferences are turned off and they can really annoying the users although sometimes video ads help you in getting extra revenue.

  1. Non Wrapping Text

Everyone cannot read the font size of 10 and that is the reason your text must wrap so that user can read the text without having to drag it. Responsive design is perfect suitable for use and to give great experience to the users.

  1. Non Retina Apps

Non retina apps don’t really put great impact on the users and that is the reason you need to get the app released with retina assets.

  1. Desperate requests for followers

Users don’t really like if you ask them to follow the company on twitter or facebook. You need to give them the perfect app which they enjoy and feel great to use.