Plenty of apps are available these days on our fingertips and these apps can overcrowd the screens. All the apps are designed to make the lives easy and make us efficient but finding one specific app in a collection of colorful icons can be really time consuming. You can easily make use of the best organizational structure which works best for you.

Some creative ways to arrange your smartphone apps are:

  1. Verb Folders

You can label your apps with verbs as default category names like utilities and productivity are vague for many people. You need to use the names which are easy for you to understand and identify the apps.

  1. Color Coding

Color coding is also useful to organize the apps as app icons are the perfect visual elements to identify an app easily and make it memorable. Colors help you in navigating through your phone faster. Color filing can really make your working smooth on your phone.

  1. Alphabetical order

Many people find it comfortable to move in the A to Z world and this alphabetical order is perfectly suitable for the people to organize their apps in this way. You can also create A and B folders if you like to place your apps in bins.

  1. How the phone is hold by you

You need to determine how you hold your phone as it helps you in placing your apps in easily reachable spots. If you believe that it’s easy for you to open app on the perimeter of the phone then you need to place the frequently used apps on the edges to make convenient use easy.

  1. Themed Rows

People who don’t really like to use folders can use the themed row method to place the relevant apps together. You can assign a specific theme to each row and then you can group together same apps in that row to navigate easily.

  1. Frequency of app usage

You can arrange the apps according to the frequency of their use. You need to make sure that you don’t have more than three home screens. You need to place the apps you use most on the first page of the home screen. Your second home screen page can organize the folders by subjects and categories whereas the third screen may contain the apps which you don’t use commonly. Apps that distract you can also be placed on the third screen.

  1. Emoji Label Folders

People who don’t like to use simple text on the app folders can dazzle up the folders with emoji labels. You can also use the combination of emoticons and words to make it great for you to organize your apps.