Messaging and social media apps usage is increasing day by day. Business utility and productivity apps are getting more popular and people are using their tablets and smartphones as personal computers. Many companies are using utility and productivity apps to improve the productivity of their employees internally. Employees also get able to use different apps on their own devices which is part of Bring your own device (BYOD) program.

Business productivity and utility apps are constantly on the boom and businesses definitely need to adapt in getting this new technology implemented in to marketing and sales models. There are plenty of unexplored opportunities and let me tell you some ways through which sales representatives can make use of mobile apps for making more sales and increasing productivity.

Go With the interactive Sales Presentations

You may find difficulty in explaining the product which you are selling and that is where a beautifully designed presentation will surely make the difference. Sales teams need to create interactive presentations to allow more intimate meetings and more natural talks with the clients. Interactive app can be a perfect alternative to power point presentation as you can update it at the backend and let the sales team get latest and right information to present it to the clients.

Build and send Proposals when you interact with the client

It is essential to write down ideas and requests of clients while meeting with a client and you can calculate and generate all the information in your computer and can send proposal when you gets back to office. It is also a good idea to develop an app which mirror the functionality of spreadsheet to ensure an easy and engaging user experience. Sales representatives will have the opportunity to make proposals while you are visiting the client. It will be easy for you to show proposal to the client immediately and make improvements/modifications. You can provide tools to your sales team to let them close the deals faster and increase productivity for letting the sales team have an upper hand to compete sales pitches.

Use Smartphone functionalities appropriately

You need to make best use of your smartphone’s camera, gyroscope and voice recognition. They are plenty of apps which are designed to boost productivity of sales teams however plenty of work can still be done to achieve better and smart results. Businesses need to implement the new innovations in technology in their business models to keep pace with the current trends and keep themselves ahead of competitors.