How AppsOut Work and How We Make Projects Successful  Perfectly

Appsout maintains the transparent work flow with all its clients for making the perfect app development solution. Appsout workflow includes core architecture, complete development, deployment and perfect maintenance of mobile application technologies for different platforms like iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, HTML5 Application Development and others.

We follow the process oriented approach which ensures top notch work standards through project planning, definition, execution and extensive quality assurance. Appsout provide complete convenience to the clients to have the perfect services without having any trouble.

Our workflow comprises of following phases:


Quote Request

You can make use of the quote request section in order to contact us or gran our technical assistance for mobile app development project. We have a technical team which guides and looks after the technical queries to meet the project details.


Technical Support

Appsout technical team reviews the quote and brings out the final feasible solution for your business problem. Client queries are resolved in short span of time by our assistance which includes call support, online chat and virtual meetings.


Project Requirement Analysis

Our project requirement analyses include complete project requirement analysis, project prototype, project plan, business proposal and finally the delivery for the accomplishment of desired goals.


Project Execution

Our support team handles the project to the development team after evaluating the client requirements completely. App developers then handle the project for app development.


Project Development

Development is done by implementing the drafted project prototype to meet the business specifications. We deliver feature rich and high quality by combining business requirements and core coding for best custom made app.


Project Quality Assurance

We send the developed project to the QA experts to ensure smooth working of software and our test criteria includes quality check, cross platform compatibility and integration testing etc. Small fixes are implemented and the entire project is tested in this phase.


Project Client Review & Project Delivery

Project is sent to client for client review and once client approves it, then the project is ready for handover. If client asks for any modifications then they are done to deliver the perfect and flawless end results. Final project delivery is made after the complete project payment and Appsout ensure complete client satisfaction by offering high quality development.


Customer Support

Complete customer support is offered by Appsout after the project completion to maintain a perfect and long term mutual relationship.