There are plenty of FAQs which comes to the minds of people about Mobile app development for tablets and smartphones. The post is written to discuss the most critical FAQs which are commonly asked by people who want to launch successful android or iPhone app to ensure success.

What do you need to pay for building an effective mobile app?

It is the most common question which is asked by almost all the clients who want to get an app developed. Fact is that mobile app costs depends on plenty of factors like platform, functionality, level of quality like video, high end graphics and richness of overall experience. It also depends on how fast you want an app to get launched and what is your marketing strategy. These factors contribute a lot while determining the cost of an app which you need to get developed.

Which kind of marketing strategy needs to be followed?

You need to make a decision that which kind of marketing plan you want for your app like week by week marketing or month by month marketing especially during the first year of mobile app. You also need to be aware of the invisible obstacles which may come during the course of development.

Which platform to choose for app launch?

Device centric approach may be the best option and iOS is regarded as the perfect platform for first time apps as it is easy to develop and get support in the Apple store. However Google play app store is becoming a dominant rival in the overall market share.

How can you drive customer Engagement?

Everyone wants to create the best app no matter it is for map, music, entertainment, restaurant or game. Customers expect high levels of engagement and client advocacy from an app. It really requires exceptional skills to reach to the best level of engagement for producing the best results.

Whether to go for responsive design or a native mobile app?

Most successful web and mobile apps offer an elegant responsive design which feature perfect information flow, meet user expectations and are created for multitude of platforms, devices and screen sizes. Native apps on the other hand provide mobile centric experience for all the customers. Most of the clients and companies cannot afford both so you need to make a wise choice.

What should be the starting point?

Your starting point must be to make a plan. You need to do upfront strategic planning to understand the target environment completely. It is also important to take project objectives in to account, and you need to tackle the problems which you are aiming specifically to address with your app.

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