Mobile users constantly change their behaviors and that is the reason there are different myths regarding mobile apps. This post will help you in getting perfect understanding about the myths associated with creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Some of the most popular myths are:

Mobile Devices are Mostly Used on the Go

People normally believe that majority of mobile devices are used on the go but fact is that it is not true. Mobile users use smartphones in the home environment and tablet and laptop use is other than that. You need to plan for simple mobile app tasks and complex tasks to make your app work best.

Mobile App Designs are entirely different from Web App Designs

Although mobile app designs are different from web app designs but they are not entirely different. Mobile app’s design must be clean, sharp and responsive. You need to design perfectly and think small as user response while using a mobile device is different from traditional website or app.

Do Mobile Users Get Distracted with Multi-Tasking?

Mobile users use their smartphones and tablets at different locations and that is the reason you need to opt for multi-tasking. Users rarely use desktop computers now and they are opting for smart phones and keep using various smartphones and tablets.

Are Downloads the best Measure of Mobile App Success?

The best measure of mobile app success is certainly not dependent on number of downloads. Mobile downloads are regarded as benchmarks in most circles but they can only measure initial app downloads but they cannot measure the repeated usage metrics by loyal customer.

Is Paid App Launch the best way to generate Revenue?

It is not necessary as few apps are using this app as revenue generating model because many people believe that launching a paid app will not help them in attracting many users. Most of the apps available on android and iOS platforms are free apps.

Do Mobile Apps Take Less Time in Development than mobile specific websites?

It is not the case as app is the software which is designed for specific task and apps are usually designed differently as compared to websites. You need to add design elements which can engage your audience. You also need to keep in mind that most of the mobile time is spent on apps rather than websites or other destinations.

Is standalone mobile strategy a must?

It is not necessary as mobile users always look for better, efficient and highly engaging experience that meets or exceed the user expectations. Mobile app must not be created as standalone as it needs to be a large component of the overall marketing strategy to capture a large share in rapidly growing industry.

Are web marketing tools perfect fit for mobile apps?

No that is not the case as mobile marketing require specific skill set which cannot be adapted from web marketing platforms and analytics. You certainly need to develop or adapt to a set of mobile marketing tactics which best fit for the particular mobile app.

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