Mobile apps have become an important aspect in the mobile industry as apps are best resources for many mobile users and businesses cannot survive without building an app in the modern world. Responsive design is the latest tool to make sure that your website looks and functions perfectly on mobile devices and computer screen equally.

When mobile app is must for you

In Phone features utilization

Mobile app is necessary when your app basically relies on functionality in user phone like geo location. These features will not be available for you on web platform with responsive design.


Although monetization is possible through web development but there are many options when you talk about revenue streams within a native app. Streams including in app purchase and up front app purchase allow app developers to have big gains.

Large Data Transmissions

Mobile apps usually have fast load time as compared to the responsive design and performance is greatly improved without any barrier of internet.

Developer Expertise

Mobile apps are pretty easy to develop and you only need to consider few things while developing different features for various browsers. Mobile apps utilize special APIs to integrate with the software available in hand.

When you should go for the Responsive Web Design

Perfect SEO Strategy

You can gain exposure through perfect search engine rankings and apps are unable to let you go perfectly. You can catch the attention of those surfing the web through perfect SEO strategy.

Change often

Responsive design is the perfect option when you decide between responsive design and a native app in terms of changes. Responsive design changes can be easily updated with little or no lag time at all.

Global Compatibility

You need to take the responsive route to ensure that your presence is seen with perfection at different devices. After covering all the bases you will not have any worry about your app best functionality on all the devices.

Budget Factor

Responsive design takes less budget as compared to mobile app and it is also easy to get implemented in terms of length of time needs to launch as compared to mobile app. You need to consider few things like which route to take, is there any product of your business non-negotiable and do you favor responsive design or want to go for the mobile app.