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Video is considered as one of the best tools to describe all the features and functionalities of an app to target consumers. There are maximum chances of an app install and recommendations from the user if your app gets discovered through video. Video creation and distribution for app marketing can effectively demonstrate the User Interface functionalities for target audience in order to discover USPs and install it. Two kinds of videos are normally used to demonstrate app features and functionalities and these include live app demos and full animation videos. Live app demos are considered more complex and they require eye catching aesthetic inputs.

Our team at AppsOut is completely aware of the video creation and distribution for app marketing. AppsOut experts holds experience in different social media platforms including Vevo, YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.

Key Features of AppsOut Video Creation Services

Video Concept

  • Idea discussion that connects the USP with emotional or behavioral aspects
  • Decision is made to go for real life, animation based or a hybrid video

Video Design

  • Video script writing is done and approval is taken after necessary brainstorming session
  • Look and feel of video, sounds and visual style is conceptualized

Video Creation

  • Animated clips of the video are created from app screen shots
  • App demo shooting is done according to the approved script
  • Video creation is done from live recording of app demo
  • Video is finalized after the approval

Video Submissions

  • Videos submission on Vevo, YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion
  • Video links submission on different websites for quick discovery

Videos SEO Optimization

  • Search trends are analyzed and relevant video title is created afterwards
  • Video optimization is done with the appropriate tags for least competition and maximum relevancy
  • Our experts write useful video description including the annotations to attract traffic to the video.

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