Main objectives towards enterprise mobile strategy are to:

  • Drive maximum revenues
  • Enable quick and smart decision making
  • Improve customer interaction for enhanced brand awareness
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Save overhead costs

These objectives certainly demand a strong and an effective enterprise mobile strategy which include the components like:

  • Budget constraints
  • Functional priorities identification
  • Proper employee exposure
  • Fast implementation methodology and Mobile ROI
  • Compliance and security

Enterprise mobile strategy revolve around the following key steps:

  • Mobility Purpose
  • Assessment of existing assets and mobile maturity
  • Evaluation and Prioritization

Mobility Purpose

Main purpose of this step is to implement an effective and efficient enterprise wide mobile strategy. You need to define the policies, goals, scope and measurements. You need to give special consideration to the attributes namely:

  • Mobility impact on the organizational overall strategy
  • Defining the priority areas
  • Mobility effectiveness to drive operational activities
  • Measures of success and estimation of timelines

Assessment of existing assets and mobile maturity

You need to assess the existing infrastructural assets and mobile friendliness of the organization. You need to make sure that the mobile strategy can carry forward the operational processes and optimize strategy. Commitment needs to be there to carry the technological processes to reach the strategic goals.

Evaluation and Prioritization

Project evaluation and prioritization is necessary to maximum the returns and keep adherence to the initial mobile blueprint. Product timelines, financial expectations and the user impact are estimated through prioritization and strategy success rate can also be maximized through a comprehensive cost benefit analysis.

Enterprise mobile strategy process may involve some challenges but it allows you to minimize and remove gaps in the implementation by keeping all the stakeholders satisfied.