Mobile apps are considered inevitable these days and they are considered an important part of a person’s life who holds android or iOS smartphone. With an increasing usage of different kinds of apps, it is important to address the security concerns properly. Plenty of apps are available in the market but they are built to simplify the lives without giving much concern to the security issues.


Some common practices which users need to adopt to secure their data and devices from various malicious attacks are:

Always download apps from Trustable Sources

When anyone of us decide to use an app then the first step to follow is to download it. You need to make sure that you download it from a trusted and a well-known source to prevent yourself from a malicious attack. Chances can only be reduced to some extent however users need to make sure that they avoid new apps and the ones with few downloads and ratings. Only download the apps which are necessary and uninstall them when they are not in use.

Permissions and Configurations

Configuration and protection of privacy is another important factor. You need to closely look upon while granting permissions and privileges as some apps include geo location services and they show the user location. These kinds of apps help in tracking and stalking users and all the users have to asses these kinds of apps carefully before giving the permissions to share data. We strongly recommend users to read the comments, ratings, app description and reviews from other users before downloading any app.

Updating Apps

Regular app updates fill in the weak entry points which the attackers usually target. App developers release updates periodically to shield an app and device. You need to check the app store regularly to get awareness about the possible points of attacks and necessary corresponding security measures. You need to cover up all the weak points in order to protect your device from the malicious attacks.

In App Purchase

Various apps offer additional offers when users store log in credentials, user information or financial information on the mobile device for convenience. Users who download these kinds of apps become an easy target for hackers.


You need to understand that attackers are finding ways to exploit sensitive data in all the possible ways. You need to carry every possible measure to minimize the chances of attacks.