Creation of mobile app is definitely a difficult task but you need to make a solid plan before launch to market your app strategically to the relevant user base. Mobile apps developed with finest details but without efficient and effective marketing strategy usually fail in the market and that is the reason you need to avoid certain mistakes that can break the success of your mobile app. Few mistakes which you must avoid are:

Opinion that mobile is small version of desktop

Best apps make best utilization of the features of mobile phone. It is important to have splash page as website for the app as it can act as best channel to market your app. You need to keep in mind that user experience between the mobile app and splash page is different and mobile users don’t really like to scroll a lot of information to find the best suitable thing. Less space on mobile screen and on the go connectivity let the user lose patience faster. You need to focus on valuable and important things in order to give best experience to the user from your app.

Feeling that massive downloads will occur after publishing

If you believe that lots of downloads will occur right after completion and apple app store approval of your app then you are wrong. Many things need to be done for significant downloads before, during and after launch of your app like promotion of your app through the perfect ASO strategy and many others.

Believing that User Base Is Happy If They Are Silent

Many times it happens that you will never know whether your app is broken or not and you must not assume that if there are no complaints then it means that your product will not get you in to trouble. You need to open up the communication between your users and your own self and keep taking feedbacks which proves helpful for you to create better product. You need to clearly give a feedback button so no user will miss it.

Believing that All Users will Become Users for Life

If you get high download numbers, then it does not mean that your users keep on gaining value from the app on consistent basis. It is pretty difficult to monetize through ads without constant users and users may delete your app or never use it again. You must make sure that your app keeps revolving with the user to keep a memorable experience on regular basis.