Perfect mobile app demands a perfect combination of engineering and design along with a great user experience. You need to make your app beautiful and elegant to compel users to embrace it. Now the question is what do you need to keep in mind while designing and developing your mobile app?


It is certainly important to think about the perfect design right from start. Key to successful mobile app is to get the designers involved right at the start when developers determine the app’s storyboard because you need to induct the key elements to take your mobile app beyond function and make it a smart choice. App Designer should focus on the following things:


  1. Look deep in to the details

You need to think about the successful apps of your category and then try to find the best features. Most of the mobile apps have extraordinary typography, high resolution images and better utilization of space. You need not to underestimate the value of details as user’s value beauty and flawless navigation equally.


  1. Make Best incorporation of your brand

Consistent branding is necessary right from design towards your logo and everything. Colors choice needs to be made with care and logo needs to be placed in an app header to increase the brand recognition and put strong emphasis on your branding. Your thinking needs to be such that when someone sees the logo or color, he/she thinks of your mobile app.


  1. Keep differentiation between mobile device and a mini computer

Gone are the days when mobile screens were just treated as mini computers as they both have different functions. When you design something for mobile you need to put your focus on gestures along with the functionality and that is what you don’t consider much for the mobile apps.


  1. Think about platform while designing

There are multiple devices nowadays working on different platforms. When you design your app you need to make sure that it works equally well in android and iOS along with windows platform. Mobile phones vary widely in size so you need to design something that adapts itself to the different screen requirements. You need to make sure that you have different sets of graphics including high, medium and low density to ensure best responsiveness.


  1. Customize Effectively for your User

You need to keep the user experience on first priority and think the way in which user interacts with your app. Whether your font works best in different languages and font size along with colors give maximum visibility or not. Best way to test things like that is to conduct a survey among less tech savvy persons and let them test out the app for you. After taking valuable insights you can move on to make your mobile app ready.


Mobile app design is certainly a challenging task but it can offer big reward if it is done right. You just need to make sure that you do all the homework before doing anything final and then publicize your app to make it a big success.