IOS 8 include many APIs which let you add amazingly new capabilities and features to your mobile app. You can ensure the enhanced user experience and can increase reach of your app through deep integration with the iOS. After carrying out a detailed analysis, we have derived some important iOS 8 features which can let the app owners improve their apps. They can even enhance the current iOS mobile app to take advantage to stay ahead of others and for offering a perfect user experience.

In doing so, app owners can enhance their current iOS mobile app to take advantage of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system to stay one step ahead of the competition, and to provide a more complete user experience. Some features of iOS 8 are:

Highly Interactive widgets and notifications

This stunning feature streamlines the notifications sending and receiving process and iOS developers have the opportunity to create custom interactive widgets for efficient and enhanced interactivity.

Task accomplishment through iOS devices and Macs

IOS 8 lets you work conveniently on one device and complete the work on other device without any issue. Airdrop is the mechanism which enables you to transfer the files wirelessly between Mac and iOS devices.

Inter-App communications with extensions

IOS 8 will let you share data, user experiences and other things with apps on the same device. App owners can embed data from one app and can easily transport to the other app.

Touch ID Authentication

Touch ID fingerprint scanning capability let you authenticate user ID and log in to an app without using keyboard. This enhancement certainly holds important due to hacking, phishing and password thefts issues.

Connectivity with Home and Health Apps

Apple is launching health kit and home kit through release of iOS 8 which enables developers to create the apps which can talk with fitness and health devices. Devices will be accessible through an easy to read dashboard. Health kit and home kit apps have the ability to integrate your home automation apps with devices like lights and thermostats.

App Store Search Improvement

IOS 8 contains a feature namely Explore which has replaced Near Me tab. This explorer help users in finding the app by letting them browse categories through the use of more specific filters for sub categories.

Cloud Kit

Cloud Kit is a cloud hosted database within cloud infrastructure for apps to store data for sharing it with other users of the app. It is free to some specific number of terabytes.

Beta Testing with TestFlight

IOS 8 will officially integrate test flight to the developer platform. This is the feature which enable the mobile app managers to send app to beta testers for robust experimentation feedback before launching app in the app store.

Two App Store Screenshots

IOS 8 app store let the app product managers add two screen shots rather than one to show additional core functions of their mobile app.

Improved Editor’s Choice Experience

This is another improved feature which highlight some specific apps for their quality and value and offers an improved app store search experience.