Mobile developers have developed plenty of apps for iphone, iPad and android from all around the world. When you are going to build an app, the first question which comes to mind is to make the right choice for the right programming language. You need to carry out extensive research before starting the development of your app. You can make choice among the following few languages:

Objective C

Objective C is the iOS standard as all the iOS programming is written in Objective C through the Apple’s X code integrated development environment (IDE). It gives high performance which let you make effective use of phone’s actual functions like the camera. Apps which are developed in objective C can give great performance and effectiveness. Objective C is not an easy language to learn as some of the elements of Xcode are pretty difficult to learn as they are different from the typical development process. Objective C doesn’t allow the app to get scaled on other platforms including windows and android.

JavaScript Including CSS and HTML

JavaScript is the language of many web browsers and apps and it is the language which is continuously getting improved. JavaScript in combination with CSS and HTML can give you a perfect developed app.


Most of the utility functions which you need are written in the Node Package Manager and that is the greatest thing about Node.js programming language. It is an efficient and effective language which you can use to build your app.


Ruby is a functional programming language for web apps which has the capability to combine utilities to ensure streamlined development process. You need to have detailed overview of the function in order to get complete understanding about its implementation for best result.

Creating of new languages and exceptional improvements in the existing languages have certainly made a healthy competition in the app world and it has offered strength to the industry. Developers must make the right decision to select the right language for app development by keeping efficiency and functionality aspects in mind.