People used desktop computers for decades and then they migrated towards the laptops but smart phones and tablets have totally changed the way people use to interact with each other. Tablets and smartphones are popular devices which are used for growing online tasks including content browsing, online shopping, checking email and other such tasks. Mobile internet usage will shortly overtake desktop usage and that is the reason you need to incorporate responsive web design to make your website look equally good on mobile devices and on desktop. Responsiveness is also important for the mobile apps which develop.

What do you get from a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means that website content, structure and image look same on all the devices no matter you are looking at iPad, iPod or a smartphone. Design must be able to scale big on large screen and it must also have the ability to retract to a small screen effortlessly with perfect navigation and reading.

Google Strongly Recommend Responsive Design

Google prefers responsive design and main reasons behind this fact are:

  • Google search crawls through responsive designs more efficiently to organize and index the content.
  • Users find it easy to share, engage and interact with effectively designed content on single URL rather than multiple URLs.
  • Prolonged customer engagement result in low bounce rates
  • High conversion rates and SEO rankings are experienced from customers who get better user experience

Everything Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

If you have not yet opted for a responsive design then you may have to face negative feedback from clients and visitors who try to view website on mobile device. If your visitor is of the view point that web page is hard to read then it means that you need to go for a responsive design immediately.

What It Cost to Get A Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design may let you get an incremental cost to design your website but it don’t really cost too much like separate designs for desktop and mobile. You need to take a wise decision and opt for responsive design to engage maximum customers on different devices.