Web apps are designed and structured on standards based technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. Your web app can run any browser without making any special conversions or re programming. When you launch a web app then users of android, iPhones, iPads, windows phones and fire phones can access the app and run it perfectly on their own device. Native apps on the other hand only have the capability to work on single platform for which they are built and they also take more cost to get build as compared to the web app. Some elements which give an idea that web apps will crush native apps in the near future are:

Cost and Build Time

Native app take more time to build as compared to the web app but this can change with the improvement in development tools. Building of native apps for multiple platforms is even more expensive and no one wants to go for high budget to let the app works perfectly on different screen sizes.

Frequent Updates

Web apps offer consistent updates as compared to the native apps. No one likes to go for updated continuously and web apps let the users get the latest version every time they see something. It is impossible to have a web app which is out of date.

Hardware Interfacing

Although native apps have the ability to leverage the device hardware seamlessly but web apps are constantly getting improved day by day. Although there are few security concern but web apps are surely going to deal with the security issues in a better way in near future.

Difference in User Experience

Native apps offer smart and polished look today as compared to the web apps. Web apps are really finding it difficult to challenge the native apps when you talk about aesthetics and user experience but it is only a matter of time when web apps will come up with great look just like native apps.


Developers don’t have any need to create a software for a specific platform as web apps designed for the popular platforms also work on the less popular platforms whereas in case of native apps developers may have to think about developing software for letting the app run on specific platform.