App Funding

App Funding


Most Apps fail to raise funds because the App Ideas are not presented as lucrative business investments. We provide App Funding Facilitation services that convert your app concept into a profitable Investment Proposal with supporting documents such as: ROI Strategy. Business Plan, Financial Feasibility etc


Get Access to Larger Funds with More Ease

We prepare a business plan for your app highlighting the different monetization strategy, market opportunity and competition for the app. The business plan will give an overview of regarding how successful the app can be:

Business plan preparation

Strategic Overview of the App’s Performance

Market Demand of the Opportunity

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Apps that show their financial feasibility are 3 times more likely to get funded

Through the financial feasibility of the app, you can learn how much time it will take for investors to earn back their investment. Different customer segments are also identified to enhance your strategy.

Payback period

Identify profitable customer segments

Targeted milestones to maximize revenue

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Intelligent decision making on-the-go with our recommendations

Many of our clients would like to just use our expertise “as needed”. We can structure a pool of hours, anywhere from 50 to 1,000 that you can use to enhance your mobile app strategy. We can guide you on app positioning, increase app downloads, etc.

Strategy Consultation Session

Innovative solutions to boost revenue

App Expert Advice on increasing downloads

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Show investors the best future return on investment

We look your current app monetization strategy and suggest ways to increase the ROI. Some of the ways we improve your return on investment is by engaging more users by targeting multiple segments.

Analyze Current App Monetization Strategy

Innovative Suggestions to increase the ROI

Boost ROI by Engaging Multiple Target Segments

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