How Can an Android App Developer Using IOS App Development Services in Saudi Arabia create an Android App?

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Research has shown that iOS apps generate more than 75% of money compared to Android apps, although the Google Play store on Android has twice the number of downloaded applications. As a result, when the market is launched, many companies launch their IOS App Development Services in Saudi Arabia first. However, with the smart phone market and the Tablet PC strongly horse race between Apple and Google, any company should be serious about the presence of mobile applications Android version.

Porting an Application

Despite the obvious similarities between the two systems, it’s not easy for an Android app developer to move an app from one application to another. Much of this is due to fundamental differences in the way each platform is designed, and each visual interface is shown.

Architectural Engineering

The biggest difference between the two statutes is the fundamentally different design architecture behind each. Apple is known for its tight control of the App Store, and the apps it makes its way to. Google’s philosophy, on the other hand, is more open, allowing developers to modify source code, upload apps directly to a device, and push Android functionality.

Programming Langauge

While iOS apps are created with either the latest Objective-C or Swift, most Android development is done in Java. This does not mean that some code elements can not be reused, especially the basic code, C code. But large portions of the code must be moved to Java.

How Can an Android App Developer Using IOS App Development Services in Saudi Arabia create an Android App?

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Another factor to consider is interface design. Google, like Apple, has a favorite design aesthetic in its multidimensional design guidelines. Although Google does not enforce this beauty, Android users are used to a particular look and feel, and any iOS-enabled app must support these design elements.


One of the biggest individual challenges is to upgrade the iOS app on your Mobile App Development Services in Saudi Arabia platform. Because Apple tightly controls the devices, software, and developer tools that were used to create and run IOS applications, developers have limited screen sizes and OS versions to worry about.

How to enter an app on Android

Due to the difficult nature of upgrading an application, time must be taken to plan the process correctly.

Identify potential performance bottlenecks in the code and develop a plan of action to address them and maintain performance.

  • You can study Google’s multi-dimensional design to understand the design and UI elements that help create a well-designed Android App Development Services in Saudi Arabia.
  • Although it is unrealistic to test this for every possible change in hardware and software, testing on high-end and low-end devices will provide enough baseline for the Android user base.
  • You can use the Android app developer who primarily deals with the platform – and the devices you’re working on – and can help you navigate the transition.

By carefully thinking and planning, you can move your iOS app to Android and take advantage of a larger customer base.

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