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Ever asked yourself what do these app owners get by publishing a free app on app stores? Even though they get a lot number of downloads than the paid apps but how do they earn you livelihood when they are free? Well, this article will reveal the truth and you will be running to mobile app development services in Saudi Arabia get your app developed.

There are a number of revenue models that are applied to free apps to monetize them.

  • Advertisement

This model is the most successful of all the revenue models. The survey suggests that there are seven out of ten apps that uses the same revenue model across the app stores. The model is pretty simplistic. The ads are shown to the user within the app. There are various formats that the ads are shown after the development of the app by iOS app development services in Saudi Arabia. They are:

  1. banner ads
  2. interstitial ads  
  3. Native Ads
  4. Video Ads
  5. Rewarded video ads
  6. Playable ads
  • Email Marketing

Apps are a really good way to subtly collect the users’ email addresses. The database can be built on the basis of this and can be later used in the number of ways to retain the customers.

  • Sponsorship

This model can be really good for those who want the app launched on their behalf because it targets the appropriate and suitable niche. The challenge lies in finding the sponsor. There are basically two ways to this revenue model

  1. Agreed Revenue split
  2. Monthly sponsorship fee
  • Subscription

This model revolves around the idea of limited time. The subscriptions are offered on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This is mainly applicable to service provides, for instance, Netflix, cloud services, music, etc.

  • In-app purchases

The apps are available to download for free but when you go into the app, it offers various other interesting features on top of the basic app but they are not for free.This model is generally applicable to android app development services in Saudi Arabia game apps, e-commerce, etc. in-app purchases can be applied in following ways.

  • Consumable
  • Non-consumable
  • Subscriptions

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