Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia: A must-have feature in 2021

PeopleQlik #1 Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia The goal of a learning management system (LMS) is to provide training and development to Learning and Development (L&D) departments so that they can maintain a company’s growth, success, and ultimately revenue. These are some significant learning objectives.

PeopleQlik #1 Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia: A must-have feature in 2021

Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia: A must-have feature in 2021

The Purpose of Testing

The evaluation of training’s impact is a crucial step in the training process. Tracking and evaluating training outcomes allows for a better understanding of the training ROI as well as determining the level of achievement of training objectives in terms of knowledge acquisition, productivity, trainee skill sets, and other related metrics. The knowledge gained allows data-driven decisions to be made more quickly.

Currently Required

The ease of determining post-training assessment may appear to have lessened slightly in recent times since training has largely moved online with remote learning modes. This is not the case, as there are effective ways to measure the advantages.

As pandemic compulsions have brought in remote working and lowered touchpoints, Observation Checklists, which conveniently perform this job online, have now become a vital component of Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia.

Definition & Observation 

Checklists are a convenient, easy-to-use, and customized instrument for processing and recording trainee evaluations, bringing learning inputs and their application in the real world closer together. Learning Management System in Saudi Arabia is a reliable source of real-time data for better human resource management and development through training interventions. Improved regulatory adherence and continuity. 


Observation Checklists assist with the following five goals:

  • Removes the need for time-consuming and expensive paper-based examinations.
  • Closes the training loop by integrating with it.
  • Determines the competency of employees.
  • Assesses training requirements and skill set upgrade requirements.
  • Keeps track of and records data on evaluations and performance.

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How to Use Checklists for Observation

The three items that make up an observation checklist are:

  • Observer/Manager/Supervisor/Mentor/Employer/Boss/Team leader/Head, etc. ;
  • Observed/trainee/employee/learner/team member, etc. ;
  • Observed/trainee/employee/learner/team member, etc.
  • Items/questions/statements, etc. on a checklist

The former, i.e. the observers, keep track of and document how the latter, i.e. the observed, completes specific duties. The observations are compared to the criteria outlined in the checklist. These are predefined and encapsulate the desired and expected outputs from the given training inputs. 

Consider a group of new hires being introduced by a hospital chain for a statewide immunization exercise to demonstrate how checklists function. After formal induction and any mandatory Learning Management Solution in Saudi Arabia and clinical skill sets are delivered online via the hospital’s LMS, inductees must be reviewed to ensure that the assigned task of vaccination is being accomplished according to the standards set forth in the training.

Supervisors conduct observational testing of new hires, which is scored online against checklists that list expectations, such as whether the staff is using safety kits for themselves, whether patient identification is correctly completed, whether the post-vaccination patient observation is performed, whether patients are properly informed of the procedure involved, whether patient consent has been recorded, and whether the needs are being met. Observation Checklists list all of these measurable actions that can be evaluated. They not only assist in assessing proficiency, but they also provide feedback to help close any training gaps that have been identified between what has been taught and what has been applied on the job.

From the individual to the campaign as a whole, the key function of analyzing the efficacy of training is covered. Consider the following scenario. If data collection reveals that the observers rate this as only fair or poor across the complete group’s pan country, it indicates that the training message has not been received. There is something wrong with the course, its content, delivery, and so on, and it needs to be fixed. If only a few groups receive a low grade, the individual who has not received it is the one who has not received it.

The information gathered by the LMS can also be used for auditing and regulatory compliance.


Observation Checklists can be tailored to meet specific needs. The tool can be set in a variety of styles with different value statements/items and grading types. The grading kinds can be a simple ‘yes or no’ binary response item, a scale system (excellent, good, fair, poor, inadequate), a points system (1 to 10), or star ratings.

Once the checklist course and statements have been generated in the LMS system, they may easily be allocated to individuals or groups, depending on the situation. They can be altered, adjusted, and duplicated based on the scenario and specific requirements. They can be scheduled according to the needs of the user or tied to events.

Integration with a Learning Management System

In conclusion, the use of Observation Checklists simplifies the process of evaluating training. It offers businesses tools for assessing the impact of training on on-the-job tasks and monitoring employee compliance with established systems and procedures. Checking user progress, whether inside or outside of the learning platform, can assist determine if refresher courses are required.

Checklists must be made an intrinsic part of the Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia in order to be successful learning tools. Externally hosted checklists cannot be fully utilized for corporate benefits. The Observation Checklists function in the LMS makes use of the LMS’s capabilities. Online learning analytics enable deeper insights, and records are streamlined and accurate. Managers and evaluators may have snares.

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